• Small Cell Wireless Solutions

    for Cities and Municipalities

What We Do

XG Communities provides cities with expertise and resources to deploy intelligent wireless infrastructure. XG Communities streamlines processes and recommends aesthetic policies for city assets to increase coverage for its citizens and achieve smart city goals.Learn more

Enhanced Wireless Coverage

Creating enhanced wireless capabilities by leveraging city assets to provide excellent wireless coverage throughout neighborhoods, roads, parks and public places. Connecting people and accelerating productivity. Eliminating dead zones.Contact

We Are the City Advocate

Acting on the City’s behalf and interests, we operate as your advocate. Planning and marketing wireless infrastructure and negotiating, coordinating and managing carriers and providers. Contact

Managing Complexity

XG Communities helps Cities effectively manage the overwhelming complexities in delivering wireless to your City. We bring simplicity and solutions to complex problems. Navigating carrier priorities, policy requirements, permitting and technology advancements.Contact

Wireless Planning and Marketing

A holistic Wireless Master Plan for your City will provide community vision and help you implement a smart wireless infrastructure while retaining local control. The wireless marketing plan will optimize new City revenue sources from wireless infrastructure and carrier investments by creating a predictable and repeatable process with local control.Learn More

Carrier Management

As the city advocate, XG Communities establishes carrier friendly processes for operators to deploy small cells on publicly owned property and on public rights of way. On behalf of the city, we assemble the engineering requirements, offer a database of pre-approved sites and manage the provider relationships. The process provides a GIS database of locations and reduces the effort and timeframes required for approvals.

Investment Protection

XG Communities attracts carrier investment by creating a predictable and repeatable process that allows carrier to forecast and accelerate their infrastructure investments.Contact

Managing Visual Blight

New technologies including small cells and micro sensors attached to buildings, light poles and camera poles can reduce the visual blight proliferation of unsightly cell towers, and can much improve the landscape aesthetics and visual impacts of your City's wireless infrastructure. Contact