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5 BARS is a neutral host provider that offers total wireless connectivity by increasing coverage and capacity for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

We specialize in turn-key wireless solutions for:

  • Stadiums
  • Communities
  • Multi-family Developments
  • Commercial Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Resorts Properties
  • Campuses/Universities
  • Public Venues

5 BARS creates wireless solutions that are VERSATILE, MODULAR AND EFFECTIVE!

Why is total coverage so critical to your business?

With wireless data communications growing, major carriers anticipate wireless data on their networks to grow exponentially in the next years. Consumer demand has changed significantly and it is no longer acceptable to have issues with connectivity, slow or no mobile data. The new paradigm is that of a truly high-speed wireless setting where mobile devices must function at or above the users’ expectations.

Why 5 BARS ?

The increased data demand cannot be accomplished through traditional “macro” cell sites due to municipal carriers to cell towers, the physical limitations of radio frequency (RF), etc. Small cells are the next phase of wireless infrastructure. Our 5 Bars initiative proposes a comprehensive portfolio for this new wireless reality.

Our economy is data and connectivity driven. Consumer demand for value-added technology that is invisibly powered by the internet will rise significantly. Future technology will be centered on mobility, the cloud and being connected through fast and pervasive networks.

Of the five and a half hours a day that broadband consumers are utilizing their Smartphones, half of the time is while they are at home where a broadband internet connection already exists. The chart indicates the consumer need and desire for wireless connectivity.